For most spectators the 400 Meters is their favorite invite to watch. One lap around the track at the fastest speed you can muster. Though a favorite of many, it is one of the hardest sprints to master. The Houston Elite fared well as Bill Collins took the Gold in the 400 meters (Age group 55-59) and Charles Allie took the Gold in the 400 (Age group-60-64). For both athletes, Bill and Charles, they pulled off the trifecta by taking Gold in the 100, 200 and 400. A memorable and worthy accomplishment. The World Games are finished and are a fitting end to outdoor competition in Track and Field for 2009.

Rick Riddle and Mark Hastings both continued to excel. Both athletes qualified for finals in all three of the short sprints–not in easy task at this competetive level.

Men 400 metre 55-59
1. Collins, Bill M58 United States of America 54.42 (Houston Elite Track Club)
2. Michelchen, Reinhard M55 Germany 54.98
3. Morphis, Antony M57 Australia 57.30
4. Riddle, Rick M58 United States of America 58.42 (Houston Elite Track Club)
5. Michael Barrand, Michael M57 Australia 58.47
6. Jeske, Wolfgang M55 Canada 58.88
7. Wardlaw, John M55 Australia 59.47
8. D’Eon, Marcel M56 Canada 59.55
9. Hastings, Mark M55 United States of America 59.59 (Houston Elite Track Club)

Men 400 metre 60- 64
1. Allie, Charles M62 United States of America 55.32 (Houston Elite Track Club)
2. Lamb, John M60 Australia 57.78
3. Morison, John M60 Australia 58.88
4. Sims, Geoff M61 Australia 59.01
5. White, Keith M61 Australia 1:02.11
6. Gillies, Les M62 Australia 1:02.61
7. Carr, Bill M60 Australia 1:08.14
8. Rauscher, Tomlinson M63 United States of America 1:10.99
9. Talib, Salih M64 United States of America 1:18.45