Meets still to come this year…………………………..


The Southwest Masters Regional Outdoor Championship is scheduled on June 18th at Rice University, Houston Texas.  This meet will also be open to all runners 19 plus, medals will be awarded to master athletes only.

Field events will start at 8:00 am, running events at 10:00am

All registration will be done on site the day of meet.  1st event $25.00, 2nd event $15.00 3rd event $10.00 (Max charges for events $50.00). Cash only

Meet Schedule:

Field Events:  Javelin 8:00 am. Hammer 9:00 am. Shot, Discus, 10:00,                                          Pole Vault 10:00 am. High Jump, Long Jump 11:00 am. Triple jump 11:45 am.

Running events: 400m hurdles 10:00am, one mile race walk 10:10 am, 100m/110m hurdles 10:30 am, 1500m run 11:00 am, 100m 11:30 am, 800m run 11:50 am, 400m 12:10, 3000m run 12:30 am, 200m 1:00 pm.

Women will run first The races will run on a rolling schedule, and could run earlier then posted, based on the number of entries in each event.

For additional information contact:

Bill Collins at