A typical yearly program for our athletes will vary a great deal depending on the athlete’s specific sport. In the ACALA Sports Training Systems, we have trained athletes in the following sports areas:

Sprints and Hurdles
Middle Distance Runners
Distance Runners and Road Racing Athletes

General Conditioning, where exceptional fitness is obtained without referances to a specific sport.

However, in the event you want more specific guidance in your individual sport and you feel more comfortable having us design a plan for you. You can email through the website for more details and fees.

The designed training programs have been developed by the Acala staff and have been tested for years prior to going into the training schedule.  Mr. Collins the director has over 35 years of training and development of training modules.  Mrs. Collins has over twenty years of rehab and training experience with cleints world wide.

Contact: Phone 713-491-3248 Email acala1@att.net